The Top 4 Sales Start-Ups To Follow in 2022
The Top 4 Sales Start-Ups To Follow in 2022 Pixabay

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Center, approximately 300 million entrepreneurs are attempting to launch 150 million start-ups at any given time. Only about one-third of these start-ups will actually come to fruition. When you boil these numbers down, it means that approximately 137,000 new businesses are formed every day. However, the unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of them will fail (roughly 90%) .

Nevertheless, a handful of those start-ups will become a huge success occasionally, revolutionizing their industries with innovative products and driving new value to the economy. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top four sales start-ups anticipated to have breakout years in 2022 and dominate their respective markets. Let’s get into it.


The ultimate mission of Walnut is to assist B2B sellers in creating high-quality customer-centric sales experiences. Utilizing the Walnut platform, sales personnel can deliver a consistent experience to prospects since the demos are hosted on the cloud. This encapsulated environment guarantees zero downtime, leaving employees to focus on what matters most; the prospect. Furthermore, since the platform does not require any prior knowledge of coding, which means that sales teams are able to exercise complete control over product presentations, allowing them to create highly personalized sales pitches that are specifically suited to the client’s specific wants, needs, and pain points. The upshot is that sales representatives no longer have to rely on back-end teams such as graphic designers and IT personnel to co-manage product presentations.

Walnut grew 700 percent at the tail end of 2021, raised $35 million in their Series B funding round, and has since expanded its product offering with Walnut for teams. This new platform includes a number of new capabilities that will help sales teams effortlessly scale their sales experience personalization by pooling their resources, with features such as stacked demo libraries, improved analytics, and a demo customization wizard. With the wind in its sails, Walnut looks dead set on its quest to disrupt the sales experience industry in a big way, which is why they are one of the top start-ups to follow in 2022.


SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform that was first developed in 2011. Their flagship product, the Modern Revenue Workspace™, is intended to give sales teams everything they need in one easy-to-navigate platform. Business development managers and sales teams can use the SalesLoft platform to execute their inbound and outbound sales playbooks to drive more leads through their pipeline and boost conversions.

One of the platform’s standout features is the Conversation Intelligence capability, which uses AI and machine learning to capture and record all client conversations so that all handoffs throughout the sales process become seamless for both sellers and prospects.

Then deal gap analysis also provides a scored assessment for each open deal. This highlights the health of each deal so that business managers and team leaders can quickly assess them and fight fires before they even start. In turn, this presents a ton of coaching opportunities and gives sales reps a headstart on overcoming objections since they already have all the information they need right in front of them.

All in all, Salesloft is a one-stop shop for sales teams, and its platform has proved extremely popular in recent years. In fact, SalesLoft’s revenue grew by 140% in 2021 and looks poised to continue its trajectory for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.


Gong is another high-powered SaaS platform that gives teams the power to increase visibility into their sales pipelines, offering a holistic view of deals, team performance, and market changes. The patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™ analyzes all customer-facing interactions across phone, email, and web conferencing before delivering insights to team members, so they can close more deals and improve conversion rates. Using these insights, reps can develop a deeper understanding of the wants and needs of the customers they face, which leads to an enriched experience for all parties.

This is all made possible by the AI technology in the Gong software. The technology is able to understand the context of the communications between the reps and prospects before saving and highlighting key information that the rep or other teams can use in the future. Using the same data, Gong can also highlight potential risks in the sales pipeline, which increases the likelihood of overcoming objections and dealing with issues before the customer themselves has even had a chance to realize them. Giving companies the ability to boost and maintain revenue streams in such a powerful way is why Gong earned its place as a leader in revenue operations and intelligence and a spot on our top list.


Lastly, we have ZoomInfo, a go-to-market intelligence platform that helps salespeople, marketers, and recruiters maximize their lead generation efforts by giving them access to a large business contact database and several sales intelligence and prospecting tools.

To accomplish this, ZoomInfo provides businesses with a single system of data, analytics, software, and integrations that delivers complete visibility into how to locate, engage, and convert clients inside their total addressable market. Thus, businesses may utilize this data to precisely identify and interact with their target consumers in a meaningful way, rather than spending time and resources contacting disinterested parties or searching for the relevant contact information.

ZoomInfo’s sales intelligence and prospecting tools assist organizations in increasing sales and profitability by allowing teams to review customer calls, meetings, and emails and retargeting visitors who leave forms and discovering the identities of anonymous visitors. Furthermore, ZoomInfo has just developed a new tracker function that enables sales teams to keep track of thousands of key buyers and account champions as they move to new jobs and organizations. The system is designed to notify vendors when decision-makers enter and exit their accounts, allowing them to interact with the correct message at the appropriate time.

Final word

It’s safe to say these four companies have already done a stellar job at breaking into their industries by developing extremely valuable platforms that businesses across all industries can utilize. Looking to the future, it’s likely that these businesses will continue to capture more of their respective markets as they increase their product portfolios and boost their brand awareness.