Kristen Stewart Reportedly Moves Out Of Robert Pattinson's Mansion: Is Her Career Ruined?

It's been a full week since photographs of Kristen Stewart's infidelity surfaced and now two U-Haul were spotted in front of the "Robsten" mansion in Los Angeles, according to MSN.com, so someone is probably moving out. The pair's real-life romance seems to be over. Kristen cheated on Robert Pattinson, who has been nicknamed by his fans as RPattz, with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director, Rupert Sanders, 41.

All-Star Lineup Gathers For Comedy Central's Roseanne Barr Roast

The TV promos for comedian and actress Roseanne Barr's upcoming Comedy Central roast feature Barr declaring her lack of anxiety over a collection of her peers coming together to make fun of her. She explains her lack of nerves by saying, dripping with sarcasm, "I'm pretty sure everyone loves me." Barr clearly knows she's given those who will roast her this August a ton of material to work from, from her multiple failed marriages to her 2011 macadamia nut farm reality show with the...

"The Hobbit" Will Be A Trilogy

Fantasy fans should be ecstatic this morning; "The Hobbit," the film adaptation of J.R.R .Tolkien's classic novel, has officially been given a third film. The trilogy's first installment will drop this December, the second December 2013, and the final movie will come out sometime in summer 2014, Variety reports.

‘The Shining’ Prequel Could Be In The Works

A prequel to Stanley Kubrick’s film “The Shining” may be in the works. Warner Bros. has allegedly contacted several producers to take part in creating a story leading up to the 1980 horror classic.

'Modern Family' Lives: Cast's Salary Dispute Settled

Fans of "Modern Family" who worried that salary disputes would keep the Dunphy-Tucker-Pritchett clan off the fall TV lineup can breathe easy: The adult cast members who sued to have their contracts terminated have reportedly reached an agreement and are ready to get back to work on season four.

AMC Drama ‘The Killing’ Canceled Due To Ratings Drop

AMC will not renew "The Killing" for a third season, despite being "incredibly proud of the show." However, loyal fans of the murder-mystery drama might not have to live without it, as Fox Television Studios said it will "try to find another home for the show."


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Hollywood Screenwriter John August Slams Diablo III's Story

Screenwriter John August hates “Diablo III”’s narrative, according to Kotaku. The BAFTA-nominated August claims (via his blog) “the storytelling in Diablo III is pretty damn weak.” The game has been slammed for its overall storyline, which mines previous entries in the series, while offering new concepts here and there in terms of gameplay.