• Gareth Bale could get more opportunities with a move to Tottenham
  • Bale continues to console himself with limited playing minutes at Real Madrid
  • Bale content playing out his deal with Real Madrid for now

Gareth Bale may be down to two options as far as his football career is concerned. He could either stick it out with Real Madrid or consider a move to his former club, Tottenham HotSpur.

Between the two, a move back to White Hart Lane could be better, seeing how he can get more playing time. Bale played for Tottenham from 2007 to 2013 before making the jump to Real Madrid.

A reunion between Tottenham and Bale would have happened back in 2017. Unfortunately, that did not progress although the conditions now compared to then is different. One of the main things that fended Real and other clubs is the huge $460,000 per week wage that the Welsh player was getting after taxes.

The wages that Bale is making is likely to be the same. However, the current conditions surrounding the Welsh player is different, something that Jose Mourinho feels could give them a chance at getting the winger back to their side, ElEspanol reported.

Bale has not been getting the right playing time under Zinedine Zidane right now, something that has become a nightmare for the Welsh player. Mourinho feels he can offer something better and get the English football player's career back on track. But seeing that happen may depend on Bale himself.

One thing to consider is that Bale has two years left in his deal with Real. While he has seen limited action with Los Blancos, there is no telling of Real will relax is asking price for him. Further, Bale's agent (Jonathan Barnett) reveals that his client is happy to play out the remainder of his deal Santiago Bernabeu. This could be he feels other clubs may not go through the trouble of spending lavishly on Bale, especially during these trying times.

For the Spurs, the weekly wages of Bale is beyond what they can afford. Harry Kane is the highest-earning player on the club right now, getting roughly $262,000 a week. While Mourinho would love to take in Bale, the finances point to an unlikely deal at least for now.

Real Madrid's Welsh forward Gareth Bale urges prudence before any return to football action Real Madrid's Welsh forward Gareth Bale urges prudence before any return to football action Photo: AFP / PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU

Bale's place in the Welsh national team is likely to be safe but the 31-year-old knows he needs to be playing on the field to be in top form. Unless Tottenham or some other club comes forward to pick up the tab, Bale may have to be content with the sparse minutes he is getting right now.