• Tour de France has a total prize pool of nearly $2.7 for 2021
  • The highest prize of $600,000 will go to the general classification winner  
  • Participants who place second to 19th will receive between $230,000 to $1,300

The Tour de France is an annual multiple-stage bicycle race for men that is primarily held in France but requires participants to occasionally pass through other nearby countries to get to the finish line. But how much do winners actually get from the race?

The competition always includes a massive prize pot that is distributed between winners and runners-up from several classifications. The prize pool of the race this year totals roughly $2.7 million for teams and riders, nearly $600,000 of which will be given to the final individual general classification, as per Le Tour.

The Tour de France will give out prizes to six classifications after all stages have finished. The prize-giving ceremony will give the first award to the stage winner, the second would be the leader of the general classification, who will also receive the yellow jersey and the third will be for the leader of the points classification, who will also receive the green jersey.

The fourth award will be given to the leader of the best climber classification, who will receive the red polka-dot jersey. The fifth will be for the winner of the best young rider classification, who will be given the white jersey and the sixth is for the winner of the most aggressive rider prize for the stage, according to the Tour de France Rules and Regulations.

The top 20 contestants in the general classification will also be given prize money ranging from about $230,000 for the second place winner to roughly $1,300 for the racer who lands 19th place. Contestants who place from 20th to 160th place will be given about $1,200 for their participation in the race, according to Cycling Magazine.

The winner of the mountains classification will be given nearly $30,000 in addition to other prize money he gets from winning or reaching the top three on climbs. Officials will award about $30,000 to the winner of the final points classification, and prizes will be given to the top eight runner-up sprinters. The young rider classification and most aggressive rider winners will receive about $23,000 each.

Primoz Roglic is all smiles in training in Brest ahead of the 2021 Tour de France
Primoz Roglic is all smiles in training in Brest ahead of the 2021 Tour de France AFP / Thomas SAMSON