A British train company on Wednesday announced a discounted fare to millennial customers toting an avocado upon entering the station.

Virgin Trains kicked off the week-long promotion for patrons between the ages of 26-30 who show up with the popular green fruit. The 33 percent price reduction is akin to the benefits of the company’s recently released "Millennial Card."

"Bring an avocado when buying your Virgin Trains ticket and passengers aged 26 to 30 can get the same discount as offered by the millennial railcard," the company said in a statement. "The #Avocard is valid on all Virgin Trains West Coast journeys from today until midnight on March 20."

The news of the "#avocard" comes amid a shortage of the company’s "Millennial Card." Virgin Trains released the card on Wednesday through its website, which repeatedly crashed, leaving most out of luck. 

The pass, priced at £30 ($41.89) card could provide savings of up to £150 ($209.46) a year, with a third off most off-peak rail tickets, according to the company website.

Only 10,000 "Millenial Cards" were available to the rail’s estimated 5 million riders, the Evening Standard reported.

"Can’t get hold of the new millennial railcard due to high levels of demand crashing the railcard.co.uk website?" the site said. "Fear not, as Virgin Trains may just ‘avo’ the answer. Try the #Avocard for size."

A Virgin Trains spokesperson told the Evening Standard that the offer came in jest with a focus on customer satisfaction.

"We want to help any of our customers who missed out on the millennial railcard - so we decided to offer them the same discounted fares in a lighthearted way," the statement read.

Virgin Trains, a rail service based in the U.K., provides local trips within London. Some of the amenities offered include specially-brewed beer and cider, free WiFi access, snack options, luggage assistance and First Class, according to its website.