• Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is trying to give Eddie Nketiah some minutes
  • Nketiah may blossom into a top player but not at the Emirates Stadium
  • Nketiah won’t fall short of suitors once he becomes a free agent next summer

Arsenal has plenty of untapped talent, and one of them is Eddie Nketiah.

The 22-year-old demonstrated a stellar performance against Leeds United in the Carabao Cup, blending in well with veteran Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Head coach Mikel Arteta opted to use Nketiah over Alexandre Lacazette, and the move handsomely paid off.

Nketiah came out with an awe-inspiring output, including a goal in the second half.

Although his skills are considered to be at par with the standard of the best players in the sport today, consistency has been questioned.

But the only way to achieve that is if the English player is given proper minutes, a reason why Nketiah is making the most out of the chances Arteta gives him.

If he had his way, Arteta would prefer to keep the young English striker. However, the contract situation is something that he has no control over.

Nketiah is set to become a free agent at the end of the season and is expected to be besieged with offers.

He is seen as a special talent who can score consistently if he is given regular opportunities.

Whether Nketiah stays or goes, there is no doubt in Arteta’s mind that the Englishman will be a top player wherever he may play.

“I have full belief that he is going to be a top player and hopefully at Arsenal. I am happy to have him on the team. He is our player and I consider him and regard him really highly, and from my side I want him to stay,” Arteta said via

Last summer, West Ham United and Brighton were among the teams who were linked to the English striker.

There is a possibility that both may still be lurking with the goal of acquiring Nketiah.

With Aubameyang still the top star for Arsenal, seeing Nketiah take over right now is wishful thinking.

Hence, Nketiah’s rise to greatness may happen but not at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal's Eddie Nketiah celebrates scoring against Portsmouth
Arsenal's Eddie Nketiah celebrates scoring against Portsmouth AFP / Adrian DENNIS

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