• Danny Ings has declined an extension with Southampton
  • Manchester City and Manchester United are weighing their options
  • Manchester City is looking for a Sergio Aguero replacement

With the transfer window getting crazier by the day, new developments may have further muddied the picture at the top of the English Premier League.

According to the Athletic’s Danny Ornstein, Danny Ings has declined a four-year extension with the club, saying that he “wants to test himself at a higher level”.

While a move this summer may not be in the works as other transfer candidates are up higher on the totem pole (see: Erling Haaland’s desire to leave Germany and the Tottenham Hotspurs’ Harry Kane transfer drama), the Southampton striker has a ton of potential clubs to join.

Manchester City lost prolific striker Sergio Aguero to Barcelona this summer, but in February, it was reported that the club was looking at signing two other forwards.

In March, Sky Sports’ Lyall Thomas reported that Ings was on the Manchester City radar, having named him as a “more attainable” signing compared to that of Borussia Dortmund’s Haaland

Then there’s perpetual rival Manchester United.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is still looking to bolster their offense after they’ve finally closed the Jadon Sancho chapter of the transfer window.

They’re also reportedly in pursuit of defender Raphael Varane and another defender as the club sets their sights on knocking off Manchester City from the top of the Premier League table.

Like other big clubs, Manchester United is expected to give chase to both Kane and Haaland, but they are keeping their expectations between the realm of reason.

However, Manchester United could be in a bit of a bind as they have agreed to a one-year extension with Edinson Cavani and the last thing on their mind right now is to get greedy.

For Manchester United, their next best bet is to further develop Mason Greenwood’s talents and work on Joe Hugill and Charlie McNeil in their youth academy.

While both teams are expected to chase Ings, Manchester City is the best bet with regards to where he goes this summer as the club could see him as a stopgap placeholder in the case that they fail to land Haaland or Kane.

The 28-year-old proved himself to be quite the goalscorer last season as he hauled 13 goals in 33 appearances for Southampton.