• Chelsea revives interest in old target Fofana with Rudiger possibly leaving Stamford Bridge
  • The Blues may pay a hefty price for Fofana, with other clubs also targeting the Frenchman
  • Rudiger may still decide to stay at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea is making sure that they don’t end up with a depleted defensive rotation with speculations that Antonio Rudiger may leave Stamford Bridge.

The Blues are not taking any chances and have allegedly renewed rekindled their chase for old target Welsey Fofana of Leicester City.

The 20-year-old center-back is being eyed by Chelsea as a potential replacement for Rudiger, who has yet to commit to a new deal to stay at Stamford Bridge.

Fofana is someone that the Blues were targeting last year before an injury cut his impressive debut short for the Foxes.

But with the recent developments surrounding Rudiger, the Blues need to make a move for Fofana quickly as they may be in for some competition.

Fofana is close to making a return to action after suffering a fractured fibula and ankle ligament damage following an awful tackle in a pre-season clash with Villarreal, the Mirror reported.

With regards to the fee that the Blues may need to shell out, it is likely to be costly.

After acquiring him from Saint Etienne for £30 million ($40 million), the Foxes may command an asking fee in excess of £80 million ($108 million).

Fofana is under contract with Leicester City until 2025.

It should also be noted that there is still a chance that Rudiger may stick around at Stamford Bridge.

However, that may depend on how much-interested clubs such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are willing to shell out.

Wesley Fofana of Saint-Etienne Wesley Fofana of Saint-Etienne Photo: Getty Images | Jean Catuffe