• Matteo Guendouzi continues to defy Mikel Arteta's directives, former Gunner Kevin Campbell says
  • Guendouzi's chances of playing in the Gunners' remaining games are reportedly dim
  • Campbell believes a sale involving the French midfielder is looming

Matteo Guendouzi has options, but it appears the inevitable is coming. The temperamental French football player is reportedly defying calls for him to align with Arsenal F.C., and this hints at a potential exit this summer.

Former Gunner Kevin Campbell said in an interview with Genting Bet that Guendouzi has been training alone and has refused to heed Mikel Arteta's challenge. The 21-year-old was dared by Arteta to get behind the rebuilding efforts of the Gunners if he wanted to stay on at Emirates Stadium.

Unfortunately, it appears that Guendouzi is serious about bolting from the Gunners camp and joining another team. Arteta was displeased with the French player's action when he provoked Brighton striker Neal Maupay. He grabbed Maupay by the throat and gloated about making more money compared to other Albion players.

Arteta stressed that his actions went against the culture he was trying to establish at Arsenal. Guendouzi has not played a single game since the Gunners lost to the Seagulls. There is no telling if there is still a chance he can play for the remainder of the season.

But what seems to be clear is that Guendouzi is primed for an exit. He has already informed management of his plans to leave the club after this season. And Campbell believes a sale involving the French midfielder will be happening next.

"I think that Guendouzi will leave the club this summer. Arteta has come in and he’s set a lot of disciplinary rules down," Campbell said. "Guendouzi has fallen foul of those rules. I don’t think he’s the type of player who is going to knuckle down and that’s why he’s training alone."

Unless Guendouzi has a change of heart and aligns with the wishes of Arteta, this could be the case. If ever that happens, he may not be the only one leaving Emirates Stadium.

Another player that has not been playing as of late is Mesut Ozil. Reportedly out with a mysterious back injury, the 31-year-old midfielder tried to show Arteta and everyone that he is good to go this week.

Ozil is the highest-paid player on the Arsenal side, earning roughly $420,000 a week. Like Guendouzi, his continued absence has sparked rumors about an impending exit.

Matteo Guendouzi Arsenal's French midfielder Matteo Guendouzi Photo: Getty Images | OLI SCARFF/AFP