• Manchester United has had a busy transfer window
  • Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane are their only signings thus far
  • The Red Devils have opted to turn down a chance to sign Jerome Boateng

The summer transfer window is only 29 days away, and clubs are in the closing stages of preparing their squads for the start of their respective league matches.

For Manchester United, it has been one of the best summers in recent memory.

With their goal of reaching the mountaintop once again in the English Premier League, one of the most popular European football clubs in the world only made two transfers but is so impactful that they can change the tide in their favor.

First, it was Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund, whose transfer saga has finally reached a conclusion that ends with him joining the Old Trafford side after almost two years’ worth of talks.

Then came Raphael Varane of Real Madrid, whom they recently just signed after the French national decided to leave Real Madrid in search of new challenges in England.

Manchester United is definitely not yet finished with their summer moves as they look to sign another center-back that will be of big help to completing the squad.

A recent report from Calciomercato indicated that Bayern Munich’s Jerome Boateng is looking to make a move to a club that is in prime contention for a UEFA Champions League title run.

The report also indicates that Boateng’s dream club is Manchester United.

But the 32-year-old is slowly on the decline, and Manchester United has reportedly decided to not make a move for Boateng.

The club is focusing its efforts on homegrown talent and signing younger, in-their-prime players who can help the club win silverware this season.

New reports also suggest that the club is prepared to sign Luke Shaw to a contract extension since his contract is set to expire next season.

Manchester United’s current transfer window moves could spell success for them, and it is very believable that they can at least compete for the Champions League title at the end of the year.