• Eden Hazard could be offered by Real Madrid on loan without a transfer fee
  • The interested team may have to cover part of his wages
  • Hazard's level of efficiency leaves a big question due to his history of injuries

Eden Hazard has been struggling to find his way with Real Madrid, leading to speculations that he could be playing for another team this coming summer.

This could be by way of a loan, which some teams may consider. However, a report from AS in Spain could make the possibility even more interesting.

Los Blancos could loan out Hazard without demanding a transfer fee.

But even with that setup, questions remain on whether it would be worth gambling on the Belgian winger given his injury history.

The Belgian will need to undergo surgery to remove a plate in his fibula.

While that leaves a glaring mark on the campaign of Los Blancos, it also means that dealing out the Belgian in the summer will not be easy.

This is likely the reason why Real Madrid may be open to trading Hazard without a transfer fee.

It would be similar to the deal that saw Gareth Bale return to Tottenham in 2020.

Arsenal and Newcastle United are two teams linked to Hazard, Defensa Central reported.

Any team who would take in Hazard will have to take in part of his wages. It was the same setup with the Spurs on the Bale case.

As far as money is concerned, it may be another stumbling block for any team open to taking in Hazard.

He is due £483,000 ($634,000)-a week, easily showing that Arsenal, Newcastle or any other club will have to shell out big money to accommodate the footballer.

Hazard was once considered a promising superstar before leaving Chelsea, but injuries have hampered his run, raising questions on how efficient he may be even if it will be on a loan setup.

Eden Hazard of Real Madrid
Eden Hazard of Real Madrid Getty Images | Angel Martinez