• Thomas Tuchel is bracing for Lusi Suarez and Atletico Madrid in the Champions League
  • Tuchel avoids questions on Chelsea's pursuit of Suarez
  • Suarez is out to end his goal drought against the Blues

Thomas Tuchel has been performing well since taking over from Frank Lampard.

With a new manager at the helm, talk is ripe that changes are likely to be made. One name that comes to mind is Luis Suarez, the same player that the German coach has fancied in the past.

The interest in the Uruguayan striker cropped up--with Chelsea set to face Atletico Madrid in a last 16 UEFA Champions League showdown.

Tuchel will have a front seat against the 34-year-old striker, and pundits did not waste time asking the German boss if he had plans of pursuing Suarez in the next transfer window.

“He is under contract now at Atletico Madrid and it's not worth thinking about it honestly. I haven’t and the possibility is high we won’t think about it [in the future],” Tuchel explained.

Similar to past players who have been linked to the Blues, Tuchel simply branded it as a possibility. The 47-year-old coach prefers not to discuss deals on players, especially the ones who remain under contract.

For now, Tuchel prefers to map out plans on how to clamp down Suarez when they face off.

“We play him tomorrow with Atletico and we know about his qualities. We are aware of them and will try to stop him from scoring,” Tuchel stated.

Tuchel admitted that when word got out that Luis Suarez was leaving Barcelona, a possible swoop was considered.

Given the caliber that the Uruguayan carried, it would be a no-brainer for clubs to try and explore acquiring him. Having failed, it was something he did not lose sleep on.

Instead, he prefers to move forward and work with the cast he has under his wing.

Anything may happen in the next transfer window, and Suarez would be a big addition to the Blues if Tuchel warrants it.

He pays homage to the talent of the prominent footballer, someone he brands as a player that will never be satisfied.

“He is a natural striker, a born striker, and has the certain mentality that only strikers have. This mentality is to show his will, intensity, and anger to score, score and score. He is never satisfied,” Tuchel stressed.

Teammates no more: Luis Suarez struck up a strong friendship with Lionel Messi at Barcelona, but the Urugayan's transfer to Atletico Madrid has been confirmed Teammates no more: Luis Suarez struck up a strong friendship with Lionel Messi at Barcelona, but the Urugayan has now moved to Atletico Madrid Photo: AFP / PAU BARRENA

Heading into their clash, Atletico top brass Diego Simone is pinning his hopes on Suarez when they face the Blues.

Despite struggling to score, “El Cholo” is confident that playing at home could finally end that goal-less drought, the Guardian reported.

“Well, tomorrow is the home game, so hopefully he will score. You might have to save that question for when we go to London,” Simone stated.