• West Ham United could go after Olivier Giroud, but AC Milan is looking to seal a permanent deal for the World Cup winner
  • AC Milan is already agreed in principle to sign Giroud for two years
  • Chelsea's Thomas Tuchel has yet to provide an update on the status of his key players

Another team expected to infuse fresh talent into their lineup next football season is West Ham United.

It appears one name on their radar is Olivier Giroud, someone who could be available via free transfer if Chelsea does not work on a new contract with the 34-year-old striker.

David Moyes is pressed to a corner, and he is fully aware that he needs to find a top-class player at the London Stadium.

The Hammers need at least two strikers for next season, but financial constraints may limit him to target just one.

Giroud could be that guy especially if Thomas Tuchel fails to find a way to retain the French World Cup winner.

However, getting Giroud from Stamford Bridge will not be a walk in the park. There are other teams also interested in the striker like AC Milan.

But the chance to stay in London could appeal to the French player. Considering he has recorded 90 combined English Premier League goals while playing for Arsenal and Chelsea, he is someone who can provide the Hammers with much-needed help.

While it is sensible on paper, that intent would depend on a precedent. So far, Tuchel has yet to provide a good update on the status of the French national whose contract will end this season.

He and Thiago Silva are likely on their way out unless Chelsea can get something done soon.

"First of all, we have another week together and I think everything is delayed for obvious reasons. We speak, of course, and the board knows my opinion. It's not the moment to give any announcement. The club will announce these things, not the coach. It's good that it's like this," Tuchel stated.

Chelsea forward Olivier Giroud is making a powerful case for a starting spot in Frank Lampard's team
Chelsea forward Olivier Giroud is making a powerful case for a starting spot in Frank Lampard's team AFP / DAMIEN MEYER

If it is the end of the road for Giroud at Stamford Bridge, such could be the chance that West Ham is waiting for.

However, they need to make sure that they pitch a good offer with other clubs like AC Milan also keeping tabs on the striker’s situation. claimed that AC Milan is closer to getting a deal done with Giroud.

Meanwhile, Rossoneri has reportedly reached an agreement in principle with Giroud, which would pay him $4.88 million for two years.

Also, Giroud has allegedly started to look for a home in Milan that could close the door completely on West Ham.