Two Air France pilots have been suspended after getting into a physical fight in the cockpit on a June flight, an airline official announced on Saturday.

The fight occurred on a flight from Geneva, Switzerland, to Paris. A spokesperson for Air France said that pilots engaged in "totally inappropriate behavior" and insisted that the company is committed to safety.

The pilots allegedly got in an argument, which led to punches thrown and the two grabbing the other's collar, La Tribune reported.

France's civil aviation safety investigation authority, the Bureau d'Enquetes et d'Analyses, also recently flagged Air France for safety concerns due to the airline on multiple occasions missing important safety steps.

An example of one of Air France's safety issues comes from a 2020 incident when a flight took off with only a partially full fuel tank, according to a BEA Aeros report.

The pilots will remain suspended until an internal investigation is completed, along with a safety investigation from the BEA Aero.