Retired NBA star Steve Nash will undoubtedly be among the future Hall of Famers for his accomplishments. He had a stellar career and won the NBA Most Valuable Player of the Year award twice (2005 and 2006). However, his exit from the game was not a fruitful one. He last played for the Lakers in 2015.

When Nash joined the Lakers in 2012, things were looking good even if he was already 38 at the time. At that age, most know that injuries would start kicking in. Unfortunately, that became a hindrance to the Canadian, suffering a non-displaced fracture in his left leg after colliding with Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers. From there, he battled through knee problems and his stay was simply not a memorable one.

Fast-forward to the present, Nash reveals that his body has simply not gotten over the years of beating in the NBA. In fact, he says that his knee has not completely healed. Summing it up, his body is simply a lot different right now. He described it on the Bill Simmons Podcast. He added that compounding nerve issues based on prior injuries may be the reason for him not to heal fully.

Curiously, one of Nash teammates at the time is Dwight Howard. Like him, the three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year has dealt with various injuries, preventing him from playing a full season. Howard will be returning to the Lakers fold, tasked to fill up the void left by DeMarcus Cousins who suffered an ACL injury recently.

Ironically, Nash recently gave some words of encouragement to Cousins. In what could have been an opportunity for him to finally re-establish himself, the recent injury was seen as something that could force Boogie to consider retirement. The 45-year-old guard believes he should not in a previous post.

"He's gotta keep trying. It might take him a long time to get it exactly how he wants and feel safe and secure, but he's still got a future," said Nash.

Howard could use some words of encouragement himself. His durability remains in question although most are concerned if Howard can still be a force to reckon with in the middle.

Kobe Bryant Steve Nash
Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash make up two-thirds of the Los Angeles Lakers' current roster. Reuters