Typhoon Jelawat
Woman struggles with strong winds and rain caused by Typhoon Jelawat in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district on Sept. 30, 2012 REUTERS

A major typhoon that hit Japan’s main island Sunday was speeding out Monday after leaving two people dead and dozens injured.

Winds with speed up to 180 kilometers per hour and torrential rains caused blackouts and disrupted traffic in the southern and western parts of Tokyo.

Japan's Meteorological Agency issued a warning Sunday for Tokyo residents urging them to stay indoors while Typhoon Jelawat passed in the night. Two men were reported dead by Japanese news media while 145 people were injured. According to national broadcaster NHK, 158,000 homes were without power as of Sunday afternoon.

Nagoya city had issued an evacuation advisory to more than 50,000 residents because of fear of flooding from a swollen river, reported the Associated Press.

At 6 p.m. local time Sunday, the tropical storm was over Mie prefecture on Japan's main island, about 300 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, heading northwest.