Stipe Miocic got his revenge on Daniel Cormier at UFC 241, hacking out a TKO win to reclaim the UFC heavyweight title. Also, he becomes the first fighter to officially deal the 40-year-old a loss. Cormier only other (unofficial) loss came at the hands of Jon Jones at UFC 214. However, that was overturned after Jones tested positive for steroid metabolite turinabol.

It was not an easy task for Miocic who needed to find Cormier's weak spot. And it seems he found that after three rounds, aiming for the body with D.C. visibly fatigued. Pouring it on with hard shots to the body plus a flurry of punches to the head, Cormier eventually slumped to the cage not knowing what to do. Referee Herb Dean finally waived it off, declaring the 36-year-old the winner, CBS Sports reported.

“DC’s a tough motherf—ker. I’m going to give it to him,” Miocic said after having the heavyweight title wrapped back around his waist via MMA “Thank god cause that mothef—ker’s tough and he kept coming. It’s a fight, anything can happen.”

There are now several options for Miocic to consider. A third match with Cormier could happen but that would depend on what D.C. decides to do. After the fight, he sounded uncertain and wanted time to ponder on what lies ahead for him.

"At 40 years old, you know, with so many other opportunities, I need to speak to my wife, and we need to make an educated decision on what we're going to do."

If not a third fight, Miocic could also look at possibly facing Jon Jones. It was a possible scenario suggested in a previous post although getting past Cormier was the priority. As far as who he would fight next, Miocic said he was down facing anyone - including Jones.

Regardless, Jones was apparently watching UFC 241 and praised Miocic for his feat. Unlike Cormier, Jones does not have a history of dislike for Miocic although that could all change of UFC president Dana White makes the call.

"Stipe is hands down the greatest heavyweight of all time. I have nothing else to say," Jones said via his Twitter account.