• Francis Ngannou has already been talking about his plans ahead of UFC 270
  • Ngannou gets honest about the potential heavyweight fight against Jon Jones
  • Cyril Gane wants Jones to be his next opponent should he become the new UFC heavyweight champion

Reigning heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou may have already decided about his next move after UFC 270.

Ahead of his title bout against Cyril Gane at UFC 270, he seems to have a wide array of options laid out in front of him.

While a crossover boxing fight against Tyson Fury is already brewing, a heavyweight showdown with Jon Jones is also lurking.

It can be recalled that both Ngannou and Jones were once hyped about taking on each other inside the Octagon. However, this is not the case now for “The Predator.”

According to Ngannou, he will no longer wait for the former UFC light heavyweight champion to make a decision.

“I’m done with that fight,” he reiterated to MMAFighting. “I’ve been waiting for that fight for so long. After Stipe [Miocic], it was supposed to be Jon Jones and that never happened. I don’t know why. So I moved on.”

Francis Ngannou
Francis Ngannou @UFC on Twitter

By contrast, Ngannou’s challenger Gane is eager to face Jones next, stressing that he will be more than happy to give what the fans want.

“If I win, Jon Jones would be a good matchup,” Gane said on Just Scrap Radio. “The fans are already waiting for this fight. People on social media have already been talking about it. He’s well-rounded and wants to jump in my division. I’m well-rounded too. This is a good matchup for the fans.”

“Already, the people are talking about it. If I win against Francis [Ngannou], this is the next fight.”