The verbal war of words has continued as former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion Tito Ortiz has responded to comments Chael Sonnen made earlier this week regarding his December fight with Alberto El Patron. 

Sonnen has alleged that the upcoming fight between Ortiz and El Patron, who competed in the WWE as Alberto Del Rio, is a setup and that the outcome has been pre-determined.

“To believe (El Patron) is going to come out against someone with Tito’s experience I think is a little naive. (El Patron) only has one match and it was in Japan under a mask. He is a legitimate tough guy. I know they are calling it a fight, but I think it is called work. Everybody is in on the gag, you have a plan and go out there," Sonnen said earlier. 

In response to Sonnen's comments, Ortiz has claimed that the former just needs attention, which he gets on using his name. 

"He needs attention. The only attention (Sonnen) gets is by mentioning Tito Ortiz. Why would I have started camp 11 weeks ago? And have eight more weeks to go (if it wasn't a real fight). I don't do worked fights. I won the UFC light heavyweight championship and defended it five times. I've made millions of dollars doing what I do, which is fighting. This is about my legacy and about getting my hand raised," Oritz added.

A raged MMA fighter, Oritz, also sent out a warning to Sonnen as he threatened to smash the latter once again. 

"Chael, if you are looking to get your (expletive) whooped, come over to Combate and let me smash you in the Combate cage. I already smashed you in the Bellator cage. I'm gonna smash you next, the same night. I'll beat up Alberto then beat up Chael Sonnen the same night," Oritz said.