• A UFC legend believes Georges St-Pierre doesn't have strategies coming into his fights
  • UFC legend explains why everybody wants to fight St-Pierre
  • St-Pierre revealed how to beat Conor McGregor

A UFC legend claims that former UFC champ Georges St-Pierre doesn’t have any strategies coming into a fight.

For years, St-Pierre’s name has been immaculate in MMA. Even now that he has already parted ways with the UFC, most of the promotion’s biggest stars still think that the greatest achievement in the sport is beating “GSP.”

Chael Sonnen, a UFC legend and MMA analyst for ESPN, recently weighed in on St-Pierre’s legacy. In a video posted on his official YouTube channel about why “GSP” has everyone calling him out, Sonnen said that St-Pierre “puts all his challengers in the worst position” every time they call him out.

The retired fighter further explained that St-Pierre doesn’t give his challengers enough reason to hate him. As a result, St-Pierre “puts them in this weird spot” where they would look “foolish” should they ever try to claim their better than him. And thus far, no fighter has ever tried it.

“Georges’ career is above reproach where you can’t come out and say I can beat him because I’m better at this than he is. You’re gonna look foolish,” he said.

Sonnen also said that St-Pierre never did something he is not passionate about. In other words, if St-Pierre agrees to a fight, he’s truly interested in it.

“George hasn’t done anything Georges hasn’t wanted to do and well over a decade that’s not gonna change in this lifetime,” Sonnen said.

But the biggest statement Sonnen made about St-Pierre was the thought that the former UFC middleweight champ “doesn’t come in fights with a strategy.” Sonnen believes that St-Pierre is a “marketing genius” who can sell himself by simply being GSP.

“I don’t believe that Georges comes with any level of strategy or recipe. I don’t. I think Georges is one of these unintentional marketing geniuses. Much like the Diaz brothers,” Sonnen claimed.

One of the biggest fights linked to St-Pierre was a superfight against Conor McGregor. Though the fight has never come to fruition, St-Pierre revealed how he would match a lethal striker like McGregor. And contrary to what Sonnen believe in, St-Pierre already has a strategy against “The Notorious,” Essentially Sports reported.

“Conor is known as a counterpuncher with a very powerful left hand. So how I see the fight is, you don’t want to go first. I go first, and he counters. I say we go third. So I want to fake and make him commit. So fake, make him commit, and then after I can jump and use my attack,” St-Pierre revealed.