UFC legend Tito Ortiz has shared his training secret that allowed him to stay competitive at 44 years old.

Ortiz has proven to defy the laws of time in MMA. At age 44, the UFC Hall of Famer can still compete at a professional level these days. Although he has had multiple injuries in the past, Ortiz was able to stay in his best form.

In an exclusive interview with “Fair Game,” Ortiz revealed his training methods which have allowed him to stay competitive and avoid injuries.

According to Ortiz, he is now paying attention on quality and not on quantity during training sessions. And instead of training frequently, he limited his sessions to just 1 hour a day and 5 days a week.

“It’s more of quality than quantity,” Ortiz revealed.

Ortiz also noted that “repetition” is very important as it is howhe determines if his mind can still keep up with all the drills.

“I already know the details I just need to do repetition to make sure that my mind reacts,” he said.

More importantly, Ortiz said that everything is about “timing.” Especially with his age, it is a must to know when to make a move during fights.

“Its all timing, everything is timing,” Ortiz pointed out.

The UFC Hall of Famer also looked back at how he got hooked in MMA. Based on Ortiz ’ s recollection, ever since his hand was raised after his first win in the UFC, he already fell in love with the sport.

“My first match only lasts 22 seconds with me dominating on top, when my hand was raised, I was hooked,” Ortiz recalled.

However, a big part of his legacy came from his dark past. As per Ortiz, MMA fulfilled his dreams and the things he has always wished to have. Moreso, the love he received from his friends and fans had molded him to become a better person.

“But I guess it goes back to my childhood of having my parents not there for me cause I had drug problem. And Being able to get the attention I always wanted as a kid, the love from my friends, the love from the fans. Stuff that I've always died for as a kid. And all of a sudden I had it,” Ortiz revealed.

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