• Francis Ngannou makes a shocking revelation about his knockout win over Stipe Miocic at UFC 260
  • Ngannou thought he didn't hurt Miocic despite knocking his opponent down
  • Jon Jones is optimistic a fight against "The Predator" will happen

Newly-minted UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou had an interesting story to tell his idol Mike Tyson.

Following his sensational win over Stipe Miocic at UFC 260, Ngannou revealed what was going on in his head as he knocked the then-heavyweight titleholder out.

Speaking to Tyson in a recent appearance on the “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast, Ngannou admitted that he was kind of flummoxed with how Miocic “went down” with just a counter punch.

“I didn’t feel like I hurt him [Miocic],” Ngannou told Tyson. “I was like ‘Why are you falling?’ I [threw the punch] just to counter and he went down and I’m like ‘Okay, what? I don’t know what happened, but I have to follow [up with punches] to secure the win’.”

Indeed, Ngannou has become notoriously known in the UFC for his incredible power. Looking at how Miocic hit the matt, it seemed like it might be just a counter punch for “The Predator,” but it sure had a devastating knockout power in it.

Ngannou is now touted to face former UFC light heavyweight champions Jon “Bones” Jones.

Francis Ngannou lands a punch on Stipe Miocic
Francis Ngannou lands a punch on Stipe Miocic @UFC on Twitter

In a recent video interview with, Jones didn’t provide a specific timeframe for his heavyweight debut. However, he is certain that the superfight against Ngannou is “going to happen.”

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"I think it's going to happen," Jones said. "I think the UFC will eventually do the right thing. This is one of the greatest fights of our generation, and it would be really sad if it weren't to happen. It would be a real tragedy. All in good time. We're patient."

UFC president Dana White, on the other hand, is firm about his stance on the matter.

According to White, if Jones really wants a piece of Ngannou, all he has to do is make the call.

“If I’m Jon Jones and I’m home watching this fight, I start moving to 185,” White told MMA Junkie at the UFC 260 post-fight conference. “Sure. Listen, I could sit here all day and [ask] you, ‘What’s “Show me the money” mean?’ I tell you guys this all the time: You can say you want to fight somebody, but do you really want to?”

“If Jon Jones really wants the fight, Jon Jones knows he can get the fight,” he added. “All he’s got to do is call and do it. [As] I said, it’s easy to say you want the fight, but if you really want the fight. Francis Ngannou is the heavyweight champion of the world right now. All he’s got to do is pick up the phone and call Hunter and we can get the deal done.”