Shane Carwin and Junior Dos Santos battle it out this Saturday at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with the chance to fight heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez.

Carwin's advantage over Dos Santos is the precision of his heavy right hand, but Dos Santos is skilled at delivering combos.

In Dos Santos's past fights, his opponents couldn't take him down. For the powerful Carwin to deliver his explosive right hand he would have to securely clench Dos Santos to execute his plan.

Carwin should focus on using his knockout power to his advantage since Dos Santos is known for never staying down. Carwin will have ample opportunity, as long as his opponent is standing or constricted to the cage, to just maybe produce the one hit that actually takes Dos Santos down to the mat.

In past fights, Dos Santos somehow manages to get out of an opponent's grapple and finds his way back on his feet. Dos Santos needs to rely on his hand speed in the event Carwin fails to take him down.

However, one of Carwin's strengths is in his extensive wrestling experience which would be key way he can defeat Dos Santos.

Both Carwin and Dos Santos produce power, but their styles clash. Will Carwin knockout Dos Santos? Or will Dos Santos win by submission?

Carwin and Dos Santos have a lot on the line with this fight, so it promises to be a fierce battle.