• Jon Jones' second win over Daniel Cormier was overturned to "no contest" due to drug test results issues
  • An expert tried to explain the results of Jones' urine tests at the time in layman's term
  • "Bones" was allowed to compete again in 2018

After more than four years, a shocking claim is made involving Jon Jones’ drug test results that cost him his knockout victory over his UFC nemesis Daniel Cormier.

If it wasn’t for the issues with performance enhancing drugs or whatnot, fans would’ve been convinced that former UFC light heavyweight Jones was clearly better than Cormier.

However, this has not been the case as “Bones’” sensational knockout win over “DC” ended up being overturned shortly after their rematch in 2017 due to some substance found in Jones’ urine.

Recounting what happened at the time, Derek from MPMD (“More Plates More Dates”), a recognized health and body building specialist , claims that the results of Jones’ tests were so strange that it had urinary testosterone levels similar to that of “a female.”

“There’s a variety of different things that could be happening but ultimately for him (Jon Jones), he got it in his system and on paper when you look at his testosterone and epitestosterone when he fought DC, they were so out of whack that it would not be explainable in my opinion by anything other than some sort of suppression of your system via the usage of something,” Derek explained during a recent appearance on “JRE.”

“Suppression to the degree where he is literally like a female, probably not,” he continued. “Normally the levels would be over 10 times what he had in general. He was in the single digits for urinary testosterone which otherwise should be like 60 plus or something. He was like four or something.”

Jon Jones UFC
Jon Jones was dropped from UFC 200's main event after testing positive for a banned substance. Getty

In 2018, Jones addressed the issue and stated that based from what he had learned, some “turinabol metabolites” were found in his system.

According to the former UFC superstar, he is not aware of the full extent of its effects on his body.

But ultimately, he was implying that he had not taken any new drug that could’ve been the reason behind all of it.

“I’m learning about this turinabol and I hear that it could possibly be in my body for the next seven years, which is really scary,” Jones said at the UFC 232 post-fight press conference.

“In the first drug test situation with Daniel Cormier, they found a long-term metabolite in my body,” he added. “There were no short-term metabolites being found in my body. I don’t know how long this has been in my body, but I’d eventually like to fight to get my Daniel Cormier fight overturned.”