UFC sensation Jorge Masvidal shared the full video of one of his bare-knuckle fights on his social media account in which he made his opponent quit.

A few days ago, Masvidal also known as “Gamebred” shared the full video of his bare-knuckle fight on his official Facebook account. The siad fight appeared to be just one of his several matches in the late MMA star Kimbo Slice’s “Backyard Street Fights Series.”

In the video clip, Masvidal can be seen swinging and grappling against a slightly bigger opponent. The 34-year-old UFC welterweight had taken a couple of hard shots from his opponent and even got knocked down in the middle of the fight. Despite the devastating knockdown, Masvidal managed to get back on his feet and continued trading punches with his opponent named “Ray.”

After several minutes of exchanging hard shots, Masvidal and his corner noticed that Ray was starting to cathc his breath. That did not go unnoticed as Masvidal took advantage of the situation and unloaded even more combinations. A few moments later, Ray started to lose power in his arms and legs before finally calling it done.

In the end, Masvidal and Ray congratulated each other and even compared the damages they caused to each other’s face.

Back in UFC, Masvidal has been rooting for a match with UFC’s household name Conor McGregor. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports a few days ago, Masvidal called out McGregor and emphasized that if McGregor wants a big fight on his return, he should agree to fight him.

“Look no further my brother, let’s not flirt with each other. I got a big buzz going on ‘cause Im known to put people to sleep, you got a huge buzz cause you put people to sleep. Let’s do this you know! Lets scrap if we’re gonna scrap, if not, Next!,” Masvidal pointed.

Masvidal became an instant MMA star after putting on a show by knocking out Ben Askren in just 5 seconds at UFC 239. The fight made a new record for fastest knockout win in the history of UFC.

Since then, Masvidal has been very vocal about his desires to fight the best fighters in his division including fighting for the welterweight title. Masvidal has also made it clear to the UFC that he is in for “bigm money” fights as he said on his UFC 239 backstage interview that “he needs to get paid.”