Ugg boot manufacturer, Deckers Outdoor Corp. (DECK) has sued Target and brand management company, Iconix Brand Group, for allegedly copying its Bailey Button boot design. The lawsuit comes two months after it sued Walmart over the same issue.

The California company claims that the retailers are guilty of trade dress infringement, unfair competition, and patent infringement for its Ugg's Bailey Button boot design.

In its lawsuit, Deckers contends that the retailers “have designed, manufactured, advertised, marketed, distributed, offered for sale and/or sold accused products that bear designs almost identical to” its Ugg Bailey Button boots design, Footwear News reported.

Deckers also claims that the companies willfully infringed on its Ugg boot design in an effort to exploit the company’s reputation in the market, according to the news outlet.

“Due to its long use, extensive sales and significant advertising and promotional activities, Deckers’ Bailey Button boot trade dress has achieved widespread acceptance and recognition among the consuming public,” the company said in its lawsuit. “There are numerous other boot designs in the footwear industry, none of which necessitate copying or imitating the Bailey Button boot trade dress.”

Through the lawsuit, Deckers is seeking an injunction as well as punitive damages. The company has reportedly requested the removal of the allegedly copied boots from Walmart, Target, and Iconix’s shoe inventories.

Deckers also brought similar suits against the companies as well as other retailers for its Sanuk Yoga Sling sandal design, which it reportedly claimed is one of the brands most “commercially successful” shoe styles.

“Deckers has expended substantial time, resources and effort to obtain an excellent reputation for its Ugg and Sanuk brands of footwear,” the court filings said. “As a result of Deckers’ efforts, [the] defendants are now unjustly enriched and are benefiting from property rights that rightfully belong to Deckers.”

This is not the first time that Deckers has sued Target over its Ugg Bailey Button boots. In 2016, the company filed a lawsuit that claimed Target, as well as JC Penney and Muk Luks’ parent company, Reliable Knitting Works, were selling lookalike boots.

Decker introduced the Ugg’s Bailey Button boots in 2009.

Shares of Deckers stock were up 0.77 percent as of 1:28 p.m. ET on Tuesday.