The children of Rebiya Kadeer, head of the World Uyghur Congress, have written a letter to their mother accusing her of masterminding the July 5 riots in Urumqi, and which was also signed by other relatives on July 24. The letter was originally written in the Uygur language, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

The complete text is reproduced here:

Dear mother,
This letter is written by your son Khahar and daughter Roxingul, together with your younger brother Memet Kadeer.
You once were the richest person in Xinjiang just because you were granted a lot of business opportunities and convenience by the Communist Party of China and the government. But, despite the repeated leniency of the Party and the Government, you ended up in prison under other people's enticement. You were allowed to go to the United States thanks to, once again, our government's leniency. You pledged to our government not to participate in any separatist activity before you departed for the United States. You broke your word.
Mother! We all long for a stable life. In Xinjiang, which is like a big family to people of different ethnic groups, none of us have ever experienced a violent incident as cruel as what happened on July 5 (in Urumqi). Because of you, so many innocent people lost their lives in Urumqi on July 5, and so many houses, shops and vehicles were burned or damaged. The harmony and unity among ethnic groups were undermined. Why did this happen?
Xinjiang is a happy home to the people of various ethnic groups. It is impossible for anyone to simply destroy it, nor will the people forgive anyone who damages their homes. Mother, despite so many things you have done, the government treats us very nicely. We are often told, Your mother is responsible for the things she did. It has nothing to do with you.
Because you went to the United States immediately after you were released on parole, you have no idea how much Xinjiang has changed. People are living a good life here. There are no differences between ethnic groups so long as you're willing to work hard. There are many Uygur millionaires and countless new buildings in Urumqi, and Uygur people enjoy various preferential policies from the government. Isn't this the result of the good policy of the government?
No one wants this happy home destroyed. Please think about the happiness of us and your grandchildren. Don't destroy the stable and happy life in Xinjiang. Don't follow the provocation from some people in other countries. We still miss the mother who cared about us before going to jail. The last thing we want is that our mother be condemned by the people of all ethnic groups.

Khahar (son of Rebiya Kadeer)
Memet (younger brother of Rebiya Kadeer)
Roxingul (daughter of Rebiya Kadeer)
Kheser Hapiz (son-in-law of Rebiya Kadeer)
Kadilya Kheser (granddaughter of Rebiya Kadeer)
Rizya Kadeer (adopted daughter of Rebiya Kadeer's daughter)
Zukhila Kadeer (older sister of Rebiya Kadeer)
Aydida Khahar (granddaughter of Rebiya Kadeer)
Aygul (daughter-in-law of Rebiya Kadeer)
Dildar Khahar (granddaughter of Rebiya Kadeer)
Zulpkhar (grandson of Rebiya Kadeer)
Sarda (grandson of Rebiya Kadeer)