A prominent British Conservative peer whose name has been linked to a growing pedophilia scandal has denied accusations that he sexually abused a boy in a Wales children's home in the 1970s.

Alistair McAlpine blasted the charges as "wholly false and seriously defamatory” and said that he wants to "tackle these slurs and set the record straight."

Referring to reports that he abused children at a children's home in Wrexham in North Wales, Lord McAlpine -- a former party treasurer and close aide to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher -- said he visited the town only once and never visited the home in question.

A Welshman named Steve Messham alleged he had been sexually abused by a senior Tory politician when he was a boy. It is not clear how McAlpine's name was linked to his charges.

McAlpine, now 70 and living in Puglia, Italy, said he may sue for slander and defamation.

"I did not sexually abuse Mr Messham or any other residents of the children's home in Wrexham," he declared.

But he added: "I have every sympathy for Mr Messham and for the many other young people who were sexually abused when they were residents of the children's home in Wrexham.”

McAlpine, the scion of a wealthy construction empire, has been married thrice and has three children.

He condemned child sexual abuse as "abhorrent."

"Those who have been convicted were deservedly punished and those who have not yet been brought to justice should be as soon as possible," he said.