Ukraine Cease-Fire
Ukraine launched new attacks on pro-Russian separatists, including in the eastern city of Slaviansk, after the end of the cease-fire on Monday. Reuters

Ukrainian forces launched new attacks against pro-Russian separatists in the east Tuesday, a day after President Petro Poroshenko called off a cease-fire. Ukraine reported one death and 17 wounded in the attacks, reports the Associated Press.

Poroshenko released a statement late Monday saying he would not extend the truce he declared June 20. “We will attack and we will liberate our land. The end of the cease-fire is our response to terrorists, rebels, looters, all those who mock the civilians who paralyze the economy of the region, who rip the payment of salaries, pensions, stipends, who undermine the railroads, destroy water pipes, those who deprive a normal peaceful life,” said Poroshenko via a translation from Kyiv Post. Poroshenko said the cease-fire was violated more than 100 times by separatists, including the downing of a helicopter which killed nine soldiers.

The airstrikes and artillery fire targeted separatist formations and gathering locations, Oleksiy Dmytrashkovsk, a spokesman for the operation, told Interfax.

Kiev government forces struck separatist locations, using information gotten from rebel POWs, reports Interfax. Dmytrashkovsky said, "Three people were taken yesterday and now talks are being held with a big group of self-defense activists.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry urged Ukraine to restore the truce and to avoid attacking civilian targets and cities. "We demand the Ukrainian authorities refrain from striking peaceful cities and villages in its own country, and return to an actual and not an imaginary cease-fire in order to save the lives of people," the Russian news agency Ria Novosti quoted the ministry saying.