New Sarah Palin movie The Undefeated was released today.  Competition from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two will unambiguously steal Sarah Palin's sunshine as it is expected to bring in $150 million dollars this weekend.  So how much will Sarah Palin's latest attempt at fame fare?

Well, The Undefeated is only playing in ten theaters nationwide.  Furthermore, distributors are playing the movie in a minute number of mostly conservative test markets such as Dallas and Orange County.

If the film does well, distributors will expand its market to more cities.  If Palin decides to run for president, distributors will certainly try to use the campaign biography to increase the 47-year-old's publicity.   

The ex-Vice Presidential candidate told Fox News that she will decide whether she will run Wednesday.  She said, You know, August and September, you do have to start laying out a plan if you are to be one to throw your hat in the ring. So that - that's basically the timeframe.

According to Politico's Ben Smith, box office guru Bruce Nash has predicted that the film will rake in $4 million.  As political documentaries do not typically have a particularly large audience, this figure is not too shabby.