The Undertaker could be set to make a rare WWE appearance outside of WrestleMania season. According to multiple reports, the Deadman is set to make his return sometime in the near future, possibly setting up a match at SummerSlam 2015 in Brooklyn.

Rumors began swirling on Wednesday that The Undertaker was set to make his WWE return at the Battleground pay-per-view this Sunday. While the rumor started on Reddit, there seems to be increasing legitimacy to the idea that The Undertaker will make an appearance on WWE TV in the coming days.

Even if he doesn’t show up at Battleground, The Undertaker could return the following night. PWInsider reports that the WWE superstar is set to appear on “Monday Night Raw,” setting up a match at SummerSlam. The Wrestling Observer has also reported that The Undertaker will be at the Aug. 23 PPV.

Since his unbeaten streak was broken by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, The Undertaker has been almost nonexistent on WWE TV. He defeated Bray Wyatt in a match at WrestleMania 31, but he didn’t appear on “Monday Night Raw” once in the build for the match, nor has he been seen since.

It’s possible that The Undertaker could have a role at SummerSlam without having a match. According to The Wrestling Observer, Sting will also appear at SummerSlam. It’s been speculated that The Undertaker and Sting will have a match at WrestleMania 32, though there have been reports that WWE doesn’t want to pair the two 50-plus-year-old wrestlers together.

A SummerSlam match for The Undertaker would come as a surprise, since he’s worked almost exclusively at WrestleMania in the last few years. His last match that wasn’t at WrestleMania came on April 23, 2013 against Dean Ambrose on “SmackDown.” The Undertaker forced Ambrose to submit, and he was later put through a table by The Shield.

If The Undertaker is on the SummerSlam match card, two WWE superstars stand out as possible opponents. Brock Lesnar is an obvious choice, considering he ended The Undertaker’s 21-match win streak at WrestleMania. Lesnar also broke Kane’s ankle on the July 13 edition of “Monday Night Raw,” and Paul Heyman referred to him as "The Undertaker's baby brother." 

A match between The Undertaker and Seth Rollins might not be out of the question. Rollins attacked Kane after Lesnar injured him, and he’s been WWE’s biggest heel in 2015.

Following WrestleMania 31, PWInsider reported that The Undertaker told WWE management that he felt good physically. Joe DeFranco, who trains Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, recently shared a picture of The Undertaker on Twitter, sparking speculation that he was in good enough shape to have another match.