Kraft Mayo and Juicy Couture announced an unlikely collaboration Tuesday of a tracksuit collection inspired by their shared commitment to "velvety smoothness."

"The Smooth Lover's" collection includes a $150 navy-blue crushed velvet tracksuit. "Long Live Velvety" is emblazoned on the back of the jacket and "Smooth" on the back of the pants. It also comes with a white "Mayo Couture" tube top.

"Velvety smooth DNA is something that is important to Juicy Couture and Kraft Real Mayo, making this partnership an unexpected yet natural fit," said Bailey Schaefer, brand manager for the company that owns Juicy Couture.

"The Smooth Lover's" collection is available only on the partners' website.

The once-popular Juicy Couture fell out of favor and closed its U.S. stores in 2014. It has enjoyed a recent resurgence among vintage and nostalgia shoppers. Its vintage items are reselling for high prices.

Newer Juicy Couture items are also sold in retail stores.

In June, the Kraft Heinz's Velveeta cheese brand announced the release of a "cheese-scented" nail polish with a London-based nail brand Nails Inc.