A thrilling overtime college basketball game ended in violence on Thursday after fans stormed the court in the midst of a postgame brawl between opposing players.

Utah Valley (17-10) defeated New Mexico State (21-9) in a 66-61 overtime thriller to maintain their spot atop the WAC on Thursday, Deadspin reports. The win was enough to prompt the hometown crowd to storm the court, a college basketball tradition associated with upset victories.

Players from both teams had yet to leave the court, however, and New Mexico State’s K.C. Ross-Miller’s frustration boiled over into violence. He picked up the basketball and threw it at Utah Valley’s Holton Hunsaker, an action which drew a stunned response from the rest of Hunsaker’s teammates.

New Mexico State’s coaching staff rushed to pull away Ross-Miller and diffuse a potential postgame brawl, but several other players had already jumped into the fray. As fans rushed onto the court to celebrate, players from both teams exchanged punches and shoves before various officials managed to separate them. Several fans found themselves at the center of the postgame brawl; Deadspin notes that a few of them threw punches at New Mexico State players.

NCAA officials have yet to announce any fines or suspensions for those involved in the fight. A video of the Utah Valley-New Mexico State brawl can be viewed below.