Who do you like this weekend, Victor? I asked, and he told.

At least once a week I'm usually lucky enough to run into Victor in the early morning in front of my building, just as he's getting his cab ready for the day's work. He's never shy about sharing his picks for the weekend's sporting events.

Vic was under .500 last week. He picked Santiva in the Belmont and that horse finished in the middle of the pack. He said anything less than a Mets sweep of the Pirates would be embarrassing...and he was right--it was embarrassing, as the Mets split the four game series with Pittsburgh. And Victor said the Cleveland Indians would take two of three from the Yankees: the Yanks won all three of the weekend games and lost the Monday night matchup.

He predicted the Canucks would win big on Sunday, and they won, but by one slim goal.

The sports world has entered baseball season proper now, with the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup both over. For many Mets fans, the baseball season is over, too. But not so fast--it's not over until it's over.

The Mets are 9 1/2 games behind the Phillies in the NL East, but they're only 4 1/2 out in the wild card race. Are the Mets really in a position to battle for a wild card berth in the playoffs?

Vic snorted out a laugh and paused. Then he offered, Niese will get his win this weekend, especially against that rookie Chatwood goin' for the Angels. But Capuano and Pelf are unpredictable. If the Mets have any chance of competing for a wild card, they'll have to win against teams like this.

The Yanks are visiting Wrigley this weekend. Will they find three wins in the ivy?

Well, no way CC lets the Cubs hit him, Victor said. Burnett and Garcia? They should beat the Cubbies, but who knows? I'm saying the Yanks sweep, because their bats seem to be waking up.

Who's going to win the U.S. Open golf tournament?

Somebody wearing ugly pants, Victor said. And with that, he jumped in his cab and sped off.