A former college gymnast made television history on Monday by becoming the first woman to complete the finals course on “American Ninja Warrior.”

Kacy Catanzaro, a resident of San Antonio, Texas, stands just five feet tall and weighs just 100 pounds. Still, the 24-year-old, who was once named NCAA Southeast Gymnast of the Year while attending Towson University, has been a standout competitor on “American Ninja Warrior” – a show which tasks top athletes with conquering exceedingly difficult obstacle courses.

The majority of “American Ninja Warrior” contestants are male, but that didn’t stop Catanzaro from an incredible run at the show’s Dallas city finals. Spurred on by the deafening cheers of spectators, she overcame 10 separate obstacles with relative ease, becoming the first woman to advance to the show’s championship round in Las Vegas. She finished in eight minutes and 59 seconds, a time which placed her seventh among 15 athletes who managed to complete the course.

This isn’t the first time that Catanzaro has broken new ground on “American Ninja Warrior” this season. During the show’s Dallas qualifiers, she became the first woman to defeat the dreaded “Warped Wall” obstacle.

Catanzaro’s incredible run at the Dallas city finals can be viewed below.