A video of two Mormon missionaries dominating a game of pick-up basketball has gone viral.

According to the Desert News, one of the players in the video below is named Elder Cole Payne, who was a two-sport start at Orem High School in Utah.

When the 2:20 minute clip begins, Cole Payne and his fellow missionary are just shooting around and eventually start up a two-on-two game. They proceed to dominate and surprise every other player on the court with two unexpected dunks that drew applause and roars.

At one point an onlooker says: "Don't let the suit and tie fool you!"

Cole Payne’s father reportedly said that during the filming of the video his son was on a three-month mission and set up his camera before he started playing.

"(The missionaries) didn't know this at the time, but they were already teaching the daughter of the one guy that (Elder Payne) dunked over," Wade Payne said to local radio station KSL according to the News. "I think it's good because anything that helps these guys interact with locals is good. ... It puts a good view on the (LDS) Church as long as they're having fun and doing it that way."

The 6-foot-3 Cole Payne was also an All-State football player and will reportedly play wide receiver at Southern Utah upon completing his mission.