• The two men created a fake Grindr profile last week
  • They received more than 30 messages in five minutes, all asking for sexual encounters
  • The duo filmed the encounter and performed citizens’ arrest on the alleged pedophile

Although better left to the law enforcement agencies, the criminal justice system occasionally warrants the intervention of normal civilians to try and prevent crime. In one such instance, a duo from Armadale in Western Australia is earning accolades on social media after performing a citizens' arrest on an alleged pedophile.

Better known as "Perth Pedo Hunters”, the two men filmed the tense encounter with a 61-year-old man, after luring him as a 14-year-old boy via Grindr app, 9news reported.

The Perth vigilantes filmed the complete confrontation with the perpetrator and performed a citizens’ arrest before reporting him to the police.

The police checked the alleged predator’s mobile phone and confirmed that his text messages validate the exchange of sexually explicit messages with a 14-year-old boy.

The video recorded by Perth Pedo Hunters, along with the confiscated smartphone, helped the police to charge the offender on child abuse offense.

The vigilantes also posted a series of sexually suggestive messages they received from the offender on their social media sites, reported. The messages also indicate that the alleged offender was fully aware that he is talking to a minor. The man arranged to meet the "boy" at a car park, where he was confronted by the pedo hunters.

The duo created a fake profile under the name “Jarrod” only last week. They also admitted with great shock that they received more than 30 messages in five minutes, all asking for sexual encounters.

“How can somebody who’s a full-grown grownup, prey on somebody who’s not even totally developed but a toddler? It is simply not proper, it is downright disturbing," one of the vigilantes, who likes to remain unnamed, told 9news.

He also added that the best way to look at it is that it would have been a real 14-year-old boy if it weren't for them. According to the duo, who are determined to continue with their hunt, parents should always be aware of their kids' Internet habits.