Julianne Moore
Upset about the government shutdown? Well consider DrunkDialCongress.org the shutdown's Festivus where you can air your grievances. The call forwarding service will forward your call to a random U.S. representative’s office where you can complain about anything from furloughs to the panda cam. (Pictured is Julianne Moore booking a trade during a visit to ICAP in 2008, NOT using the service.) Reuters

Upset about the repercussions of the government shutdown? Or perhaps you’re mad the panda cam was turned off? Or that many lawmakers have been on drinking benders instead of fixing the government?

Well consider DrunkDialCongress.org like the Festivus during the government shutdown as a means to air your grievances.

The new site, produced by Revolution Messaging, will forward your calls -- drunk or sober – to a random U.S. representative’s office where you can complain about the shutdown, or anything else bothering you.

“Whether you are a furloughed worker, being forced to work for free, or just fed up at Capitol Hill,” the site boasts, “Call & yell at a random member of Congress.”

DrunkDialCongress.org, which went live Wednesday night, has already forwarded more than 1,000 calls to congressmen. According to Keegan Goudiss, a partner at the Washington-based company that provides mobile strategy for liberal groups, calls will be forwarded to House Democrats and Republicans evenly.

“A lot of people are fed up with what’s going on,” Goudiss told Market Watch, admitting it was all inspired by reports that lawmakers are drinking instead of working on a resolution. He added that the point of the site is to keep Congress “saturated” with complaints that remind them of the government shutdown’s impact on citizens.

The site is simple to use by logging on and adding your phone number. Users will receive a call and an automated message, which says, in a slurred voice: “Is this government shutdown making you want to drink? … When I drink I like to tell people what’s on my mind…”

After that, calls will be forwarded at random to a lawmaker’s office. Have some complaints ready, and in case you don't, the site has some inspiration for you.