The Golden State Warriors held a press conference in downtown San Francisco this afternoon to introduce Jerry West to the organization.

Both West and Warriors' co-owner Joe Lacob took questions from the media today, after the Warriors issued a press release regarding the hire last week.

Among the comments that that West made during the conference, perhaps the question on everyone's mind was his role in the decision making of the organization.

According to West, his biggest concern in joining the organization was not with the ownership, but with Warriors GM Larry Riley and President Robert Rowell.

I had to make that explicitly clear to (Riley) and (Rowell), West said, I'm not here to take your jobs.

West continued, I just wanted to make sure they were comfortable with me being here and if I didn't feel comfortable, I certainly wouldn't be here.

Rowell and Riley were holdovers from the beleaguered Chris Cohan ownership, and fans have long blamed the two, in particular Rowell, for the Warriors' failing.

Fans who were hoping West, a two-time Executive of the Year, would take more authority from Rowell and Riley will no doubt be disappointed by West's comments.

Lacob had previously indicated in recent months that both were staying, so West's comments should come as no surprise.

When asked about his involvement in the coaching search, West did indicate that he is involved: I know the names involved and they are some very attractive names.

Perhaps West's most critical comments came when he was asked about Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry co-existing on the team.

While West said both were excellent running in the open court he concluded, When I watch them play together, obviously you'd like to have more size back there.

He added that both can create their own shot, but said, I've seen teams trade players that score tons of points and people say 'how in the world can you trade that player?' Because he might score tons of points and the team doesn't win.

It remains to be seen what West's role on the team is. Though West may not have a decision-making role in the team, the press conference showed that his voice will definitely be heard.