• Avery Bradley is left looking for a new team after being cut by the Warriors
  • Bradley hardly got anything going in the preseason for Golden State
  • The Warriors leave the 15th spot open in case they want to add a fresh talent

Avery Bradley appeared to be a good pickup for the Golden State Warriors in the offseason.

Despite his efforts and praise for the franchise, he will have to move on sheepishly.

The 30-year-old veteran NBA guard was among the players cut by the Warriors after their preseason finale last Friday, October 15.

He did make a solid case to snag the 15th and final slot of Golden State but has fallen short, reported.

Although he lauded the Warriors and branded himself as the best on-ball defender in the NBA--per H/T to Warriors reporter Kendra Andrews--the move forces him to look for some other team to play for.

The 2016 NBA Defensive First Team member got good backing from Golden State stars Steph Curry and Draymond Green.

However, Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic reported that even these endorsements were not enough to sway Warriors’ management.

Looking at Bradley’s preseason numbers with the Warriors, the development appears to make sense. In four games, the native of Washington hardly put up impressive numbers.

Bradley averaged only 4.3 points, 1.3 rebounds, and an assist in just 12.8 minutes of action.

Although he is a veteran with a proven track record, it remained that the 6-foot-3 guard needed to make a good impression to nail a spot on the Warriors’ 2021-22 roster.

Aside from Bradley, other players who were cut by the Warriors include Gary Payton II, Jordan Bell and Mychal Mulder on Friday.

The move means the Warriors will not have a 15-man roster when they open their 2021-22 campaign.

The Warriors will likely leave that spot open, giving them some flexibility should they need to add someone who can help their cause.

As for Bradley, he will need to check out other teams who could be interested in his services.

He had his best years with the Boston Celtics and made a good account of himself with the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2019-20 season.

Bradley spent last season with the Miami Heat but was hardly noticed.

It is a minor setback for the NBA veteran, but teams in need of a rugged defender would be his best bet.

Avery Bradley #10 of the Golden State Warriors Avery Bradley #10 of the Golden State Warriors Photo: Getty Images | Ezra Shaw