• Will Ferrell treated the Golden State Warriors with a surprise appearance as Jackie Moon from the movie "Semi-Pro"
  • Klay Thompson made a shocking revelation about Ferrell's comedy movie
  • Thompson is excited to play in the playoffs once again after more than two years

Hollywood star Will Ferrell made an epic appearance during a Golden State Warriors game as Jackie Moon.

On Tuesday, March 8, the Warriors entered Chase Center desperately looking to end their terrible five-game losing streak.

However, the tense vibe inside the arena evaporated when Ferrell showed up dressed as Jackie Moon from his comedy movie “Semi-Pro” to join the Dubs during warm-up.

As expected, Ferrell cheered the players up and sent the crowd to frenzy. The comedian played around a bit, guarding Klay Thompson and showing Steph Curry his hilarious between the legs free-throw shot.

Ferrell then turned the lights out when he hit an off-the-glass long-range trey from the Warriors logo.

Speaking about Ferrell’s surprise visit after the game, Thompson revealed that the movie “Semi-Pro” has played a key role in his recovery.

“That movie, Semi-Pro, during my rehabilitation, when I would have some dark days, I would just put that movie on and it would make me smile. I’m very thankful for that film," Thompson told reporters, including NBC Sports.

The Warriors ended up beating the Clippers 112-97. Thompson said Ferrell was not really the main reason why they won but he certainly “lighten the mood” during such a difficult stretch.

“That was so much fun," he added. "That was some of the most fun I have had on the court this year. I am very appreciative that Will [Ferrell] could come out and lighten the mood, especially after the losing streak we had. I’m not going to say he’s responsible for the win tonight but I think he was a huge catalyst for why we came out guns blazing. He’s a legend.”

Despite the win, the Warriors are still missing a key figure in Draymond Green.

A back injury has seen the veteran forward being sidelined since January 5, and Thompson knows how important to have him back on the squad.

“We're missing one of our best players in Draymond [Green],” Thompson told TNT post-game. “He's the heart of our team. And Andre [Iguodala] and our big man [James] Wiseman. Once we see our team as a whole that's going to be a lot of fun. I haven't played with Draymond in three years. He's like my brother out there. I miss him on the court.”

The Warriors still have 16 games to play this season. Thompson is already hyped by the idea of playing in the playoffs once again after more than two years.

“When it comes to the playoffs, it's a possession battle and we can't have any empty possessions,” the 32-year-old stressed. “We've got to at least get a shot up, get some great ball movement, and be on a string together defensively. I'm really excited for the future and this is going to be a great year. I can just feel it."

Klay Thompson #11of the Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson #11of the Golden State Warriors Getty Images | Ezra Shaw