Beyond Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury waits a series of fateful possibilities ahead for the Golden State Warriors.

The future of the Golden State Warriors is pointing to a big mess at this point as reigning finals MVP Kevin Durant has once again hurt himself after only playing for several minutes in game 5 of the NBA Finals.

There are several reasons why the once unbeatable team Golden State Warriors may face terrible issues in the near future. Such issues could really hurt the franchise and maybe even dismantle the whole team.

First, Durant’s game 5 incident started as a “right leg injury,” but in the end, it turned out to be a vicious Achilles injury. This is considered as the team’s number one major setback. Since Durant’s first injury against the Houston Rockets, the Warriors gradually proved that they really need KD’s services.

According to CBS Sports, the 30-year-old NBA star will have to travel to New York to have his Achilles tendon checked and will likely undergo several examinations.

All these are hurting the team in multiple ways. What is worse than having your star player injured twice during the postseason? And during the NBA Finals at that?

This leads to the second relevant reason why the team will be in jeopardy, and it is losing the NBA Finals. In the first four games without KD, even though GS managed to win game 2, the team evidently struggled against the Raptors' solid defense and versatile offense. Now that Durant will surely miss the final two games, it is hard to bet on the Warriors winning the championship.

After the NBA Finals, the Warriors once again will face another issue that needs to be dealt with. Sources claimed that the Atlanta Hawks will push hard to sign Klay Thompson should the Golden State hesitate to give him a $190 million max contract, Clutch Points reported.

According to Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he was told that Thompson will open himself to free-agent trade offers from other teams if the max contract will not be laid out. If that happens, the Hawks are quite sure they can lure the All-Star.

“If the Warriors don’t immediately offer Thompson a max contract of five years and about $190 million, I’m told he will listen to free-agent pitches from other teams. And if that happens, the Hawks are confident they’d get a chance to persuade Thompson to sign with them,” Cunningham said.

Lastly, the KD to Knicks rumor has been a hot subject for quite some time. With the cap space and capability to make a good offer, it’s not impossible for New York to sign Durant.