Republican voters in Washington state will participate in caucuses Saturday to choose their presidential candidates.

The contest has importance as it is being held three days before Super Tuesday, when voters in 10 states will either pick or begin to pick their presidential nominees. All four of the GOP's current candidates have campaigned extensively in the state.

Republican Party caucuses meet in their precinct locations starting at 10 a.m. PST. Only registered voters can caucus. The process is expected to finish by noon.

Participants will elect delegates to their county conventions, and they also will vote in a presidential straw poll by writing down their presidential preference.

Click here to get an idea of the caucus process. Washington voters can find their caucus locations here.

Statewide results of the presidential straw poll will be released to the media Saturday evening, according to the Washington State Republican Party Caucus Web site.

Unofficial results of the Washington GOP caucus presidential straw poll can be found here, and here.

Washington will have 40 bound delegates at the Republican National Convention in August, but the presidential straw poll Saturday has no bearing on the state's delegate-allocation process.