• A nurse shared the video of a boy entering the isolation ward of a hospital alone
  • China's Fujian province reported 85 new infections Wednesday
  • Of them, 28 were primary school students

Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases in China's southeastern province of Fujian, a video showing unaccompanied children, as young as four years old, being forced into isolation wards in the country has emerged on social media.

A nurse working in a fever clinic at the Affiliated Hospital of Putian University reportedly uploaded the video on the Chinese social media app Weibo on Tuesday. It showed a 4-year-old boy in a full hazmat suit entering an isolation ward of the hospital while dragging a suitcase on his own, reported news outlet  Wio News. 

International Business Times could not independently verify the authenticity of the clip. It was also not clear when the incident happened.

In the video, the nurse said she had to watch in pain as the little boy entered quarantine without his parents. "You're a brave man, wishing you a swift recovery!" she said, reported Taiwan News. 

She also shared another video that showed a child in a hazmat suit led by nurses getting into the CT Scan room of the hospital. "Although you are afraid, we will always wait for you, accompany you," she wrote. 

Many children reportedly are being forced to enter isolation wards alone after testing positive for the virus. The nurse said the kids are very obedient and they maintain proper social distancing.

The hospital reportedly said they were taking adequate measures to make the children comfortable by posting cartoon characters on the walls of the wards and by providing reading materials to them.

Fujian reported 85 new infections Wednesday and of them, 28 were primary school students and eight were kindergarten kids. "The children who are under treatment in isolation wards are very brave and cooperative," state-affiliated Shangai Daily reported, quoting a nurse at the hospital.

The local administration has issued stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions to halt the spread of the virus.

The recent COVID-19 outbreak in Fujian comes a month after China contained the Nanjing outbreak, the country's biggest since Wuhan. The first cases in Fujian are reportedly linked to a primary school. The city of Putian was among one of the hardest-hit areas. Last week, more than 100 cases were reported in the area within four days.

China has a total of 916 active cases as of Thursday.