A boy rides his bike along the seafront as cyclists take part in the annual 'Ride the Lights' event on Blackpool promenade in Blackpool, England on Aug. 30, 2016. Getty Images

A video has surfaced in which a cyclist is seen jumping on the bonnet of a moving taxi and screaming at the driver to "run him over."

It is unclear when the road rage incident took place but Daily Mail shared the video Thursday.

According to the report, the man chased the cab before hurling himself on the car in Blackpool, Lancashire. The aggressive drama began after the cyclist fell while trying to film traffic as he slowly cycled alongside the taxi.

In the video, the driver can be heard telling his passenger: "He's an idiot, flipping hell fire. He's off his nut."

The clip also shows the cyclist losing balance as he topples onto the street. He began hurling abuses at the driver after picking himself up.

The driver reassured his startled passenger before driving away from the man. But the cyclist chased the vehicle through a side street and managed to catch up with it.

"He's come off his bike I think. He's in front somewhere, I don't know what's going on - he's having a go at the dustman now," someone is heard saying in the video, which also later shows the cyclist ripping off the vehicle's wiper.

During the clip, the cyclist can be heard shouting: "Come on, where you going? 'Where are you going? You're running me over mate. Come on, what are you doing?"

As the drama unfolded, the driver can be heard consoling his passenger saying: "Don't worry, don't worry. It's ok, it's ok. The guy's crazy - it's alright don't worry, the guy's nuts. Are you ok? The guy's crazy."

The driver then headed towards Blackpool North station, but the cyclist tracked him down again.

The driver is heard saying: "Now which way is he going? Now he's come off that way. The guy's crazy, the police need to be called."

The driver somehow managed to reverse and drive away via a different road, Daily Mail reported. It is unclear why the cyclist was behaving so erratically.

"The footage is unbelievable, it's so shocking, I can only praise our driver for his cool reactions and keeping the passenger calm," managing director of Premier Taxis, John Cutler, reportedly said.

Lancashire Police confirmed that the incident was reported to them, adding an investigation was underway but no arrests had been made.

"We were called around 7:35 a.m. Monday (August 28) to reports a vehicle had been damaged on Cookson Street, Blackpool," a Lancashire Police representative said. "The incident is thought to have occurred around 10 minutes earlier, when a man approached the vehicle and pulled one of its windscreen wipers off."

Road rage incidents are not uncommon in the U.K. In May, a furious driver attacked another motorist's car with a baseball bat in a fit of rage. The incident was also caught on camera, but it was unclear where it took place.