An off-duty police officer who was holding a baby in his arms had a shootout with two suspected robbers at a pharmacy in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Video of the altercation went viral and has amassed over 5,000 views as of Monday.

Surveillance footage showed the moment when Sgt. Rafael Souza of the 49th Metropolitan Battalion entered a pharmacy located in the Campo Limpo section of Brazil on Saturday and engaged two armed men, the Daily Mail reported. Just as a clerk attended to his wife, two men wearing hoods rushed in and pointed a gun at his family, Souza said. 

Souza identified himself as a police officer but the suspect still raised his weapon. That’s when he pulled out his pistol and shot at the armed men, all while he was holding his infant son. After the altercation, the off-duty cop handed over his baby to his wife who took shelter in an aisle behind a shelf.

First responders later arrived on the scene and pronounced the two suspects dead, according to reports.

Brazilian off-duty cop An off-duty officer who had been holing an infant engaged in a shootout with robbers at a store in Brazil. Photo: Getty Images