After years or accusations and speculation, former seven-time Tour De France winner and United States Olympic medalist Lance Armstrong will reportedly own up to his use of performance enhancing drugs in a two-part interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The interview, titled “Oprah and Lance Armstrong: The Worldwide Exclusive” will be broadcast on Winfrey’s cable channel OWN Network at 9 p.m. EDT, and a live online stream can be viewed here.

Winfrey sat down with Armstrong for over two hours on Jan. 14 in Austin, Texas. Afterward the TV megastar tweeted: Just wrapped with @lancearmstrong More than 2 1/2 hours. He came READY!"

The interview has been highly publicized, and according to several reports, Armstrong admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, better known as PEDs, while capturing his Tour de France titles and inspiring people around the world with his LiveStrong Foundation. The charity has raised over $400 million since it was started in 1997 and has funded cancer research.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency stripped the 41-year-old of all his titles and banned him for life last August, and Armstrong also lost millions in endorsement deals from companies like Nike and Anheuser-Busch.

Armstrong never failed a drug test, but former teammates like Floyd Landis did, and eventually spoke to the media and said Armstrong used PEDs.

News of the interview also sparked the International Olympic Committee to ask for Armstrong’s bronze medal for cycling in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, according to reports released Thursday.

"I left it all on the table with her and when it airs the people can decide," Armstrong told the Associated Press.