The U.S.-led U.N. Command released a dramatic video Wednesday in a press release showing the shooting and rescue of a North Korean soldier who was seen limping across the border after being shot at least five times.

The footage released Wednesday showed the Korean People’s Army (KPA) defector speeding down a tree-lined road before he crashes his vehicle. The defector crashes his vehicle near the line that divides North and South, military demarcation line (MDL) which is the part of the border where North and South Korean soldiers face each other at their closest distance just meters (feet) away.

Soldiers from the North are seen firing at him and pursue him as he crosses the border when the defector runs south across the MDL.

While soldiers from the North sprint to the area, and fire their weapons at the defector; one is also seen hurrying across the dividing line before running back to the northern side of the Joint Security Area (JSA). In the end, South Korean soldiers are seen crawling up to the defector, who fell after being injured in a mass of leaves against a small wall. They drag the defector to safety as North Korean troops are seen gathering on their side of the line.

The U.N. Command said in their press release that the North violated the armistice agreement, ending the Korean War by firing across and physically crossing the border in attempt to pursue the soldier.

The defector had been hospitalized and remains under supervision after two rounds of surgery that removed the bullets from him.

Col. Chad G. Carroll, a spokesman for the U.N. Command told reporters in a live TV briefing that the North violated the armistice by "one, firing weapons across the MDL, and two, by actually crossing the MDL temporarily," referring to the military demarcation line that bisects the Koreas.

Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, UNC Commander said in the press release that the JSA battalion personnel took proper actions during the entire incident.

“After thoroughly reviewing the investigation results, I assess the actions taken by the UNC Security Battalion were in a manner that is consistent with the Armistice Agreement, namely – to respect the Demilitarized Zone and to take actions that deter a resumption of hostilities,” Gen. Brooks said. “The armistice agreement was challenged, but it remains in place.”

North Korea has not yet responded to the footage.