An astronaut released gorgeous footage Tuesday of an aurora while aboard the International Space Station.

Italian astronaut, Paolo Nespoli, shared time-lapse footage of the light show on his Facebook page along with other galactic wonders. Nespoli, along with NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik and Roscosmos commander Sergey Ryazansky, began their outer space mission in July and have continued to share photos and videos of their findings.

The group of astronauts is working on a mission known as VITA, which stands for Vitality, Innovation, Technology and Ability. While in space, Nespoli has performed various experiments in the areas of biology, human physiology as well as space environment monitoring, materials science and technology demonstrations.

Along with the Italian astronaut's northern light footage, Nespoli was also able to capture rare footage of a meteor shooting across the Earth's atmosphere in November.

"And here a closer look," the 60-year-old astronaut tweeted. "Make a wish ... I already did."

Spending nearly five months in space could arguably lead to feelings of homesickness. It seemed, however, as though Nespoli and his fellow astronauts received a little slice from home. After Nespoli told ISS manager Kirk A. Shireman that he was missing pizza during a live stream, the team of astronauts received a surprise package of all the elements needed to make a delicious pizza.

The astronauts released footage Saturday of the outer space pizza party and gave the term "flying saucers" a whole new meaning.