Wildebeests are seen during a rain in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Feb. 11,2016. Reuters/Goran Tomasevic

In a dramatic video, a wildebeest was seen fighting off two lionesses as they attacked him in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The video, which was shot by a tour guide on April 26 was shared online Tuesday and was viewed by thousands of people.

The video began with the lionesses on top of the wildebeest as they prepared to feast on the animal. It seemed as if the lionesses were the clear winners in the battle for survival. However, seconds later the wildebeest jumps to its feet as the lionesses cling on to their possible meal with their sharp claws and teeth. At one point the wildebeest hooks one of the lionesses onto its horn and made several attempts to toss the carnivore. The lioness does not give up and grabs on to the face of the wildebeest.

The deadly fight continued with the wildebeest coming out victorious and chases off the lionesses.

"To our utmost delight this awesome sighting started to play out right in front of us. After waiting for an hour, the wildebeest took a dust bath and this is when all hell broke loose and the females gave chase," tour guide Hannes Joubert told latestsightings.com. "The wildebeest fought back and managed to hook one of its horns into the leg of one of the lionesses... This must have been extremely painful for the lion, as it was for quite a few moments that she was hooked onto the wildebeest. I am happy the wildebeest got away as lions cannot always win."

Joubert also said it was a rare sight as it wasvirtually unheard of for a wildebeest to escape once brought down by two hungry lionesses.

In March, a video went viral showing a brutal battle between a tiger and a sloth bear captured by Akshay Kumar, chief naturalist at Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. The bear, along with her cub, were on their way to a water body in the park when the fight erupted.

"The tiger attacked the bear more than five minutes. It went after the sloth bear but she kept charging in order to protect her cub," Kumar told Indian news network NDTV at the time. "It went on for 15 minutes. The tiger was roaring. It was a severe fight."